Thermal Imaging and Thermal Scanning for 24/7 Surveillance

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    Enhance the Perception of Your Security Team with Thermal Scanning Systems

    Standard surveillance systems like CCTV and IPTV are useful for monitoring business premises during the daytime, but for around the clock monitoring, more advanced systems are needed. Thermal scanning systems enhance your security team’s perception, making it possible to monitor and respond to threats 24/7.

    These systems have many different applications across multiple industries. Law enforcement agencies use thermal imaging to locate, identify and apprehend suspects, while industrial businesses and contractors will use it to identify overheating mechanical elements, fires or fire hotspots.

    Thermal scanning systems can see what standard cameras and the naked eye cannot. Even in pitch black conditions, they’re able to provide clear, HD images and videos of potential security risks, such as unauthorised personnel or vehicles. During the day, thermal scanners can capture data without being affected by glare from bright sunlight. They’re also extremely durable and reliable, able to operate year-round, 24/7 in all temperatures.

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      Why Choose Thermal Scanning Technology?

      • Gain greater visibility. Thermal imaging has fewer visual limitations and enables surveillance even  in low-light scenarios.
      • Detected disguised intruders. Thermal scanners can detect intruders even when they mask themselves through camouflage and foliage
      • Reduce false alarms. Thermal scanning systems offer highly accurate intrusion classification technology.
      • Achieve a higher return on your security investment. Thermal scanning technology can increase the productivity of your security team and systems are reliably, meaning there’s less risk of costly downtime.
      • Allows for possible threats to be quickly and clearly identified. When intruders are detected, the relevant parties will be notified immediately.
      • Keep your camera fleet to a minimum.  With thermal scanning technology, you don’t need a large number of cameras to create an effective surveillance system.
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      Monitor, Investigate and React to Security Issues

      Thermal scanning systems can have a wide range of applications across different industries.

      Suitable for outdoor surveillance, thermal imaging technology can help you monitor outdoor assets and site perimeters. You can ensure the early detection of intruders and when you integrate thermal scanning with intruder alarms, you can create an effective system for deterring and responding to intrusions or attacks.

      Other applications of thermal scanning systems include heat mapping and very early fire detection, making them suitable for the defence and monitoring of industrial infrastructure and distribution centres.

      Thermal Scanning Systems from Leading Providers of Security Technology

      We offer a wide range of thermal scanning systems, backed by technology from our partners and our own industry expertise.

      We don’t offer a single product from a single manufacturer. Instead, we work with leading security technology providers so that we can match solutions to client requirements. We’ll identify systems with practical benefits that you’ll use. And with our own technology division, we’re able to install and maintain systems that are tailored to your security needs.

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