Pids Security (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems)

Monitor the boundaries of your business premises and ensure early detection of intruders. With advanced warnings, you can mobilise your security team and act quickly.

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    Receive Reliable Alerts, Detect Intrusions at the Earliest Possible Point and Enable Rapid Responses

    When unauthorised personnel access your business premises, you face the risk of health and safety incidents, major operational disruptions, information leaks and property damage. It’s in your best interest to prevent intrusions where possible, and in the event of trespassers respond quickly.

    Our perimeter intrusion detection systems provide instant alerts at the earlier possible point.  The moment intruders approach your perimeter your security team will receive advanced warnings allowing them to mobilise quickly and assume command of the situation.

    You’ll only receive relevant alerts – systems can filter out any authorised activity and the movement of small animals, so you’ll only be notified of real threats.

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      Perimeter Detection Systems Suitable for a Wide Range of Businesses and Site-Types

      Perimeter detection systems are suitable for perimeters of all sizes. They’re reliable and efficient in all temperatures, 24/7. They can also be integrated with other security solutions to create a comprehensive system for proactive and reactive security risk management.

      The versatility and integration capabilities of perimeter detection systems mean they’re suitable for businesses across a wide range of industries, from defence to distribution, public services and utility management.

      At Satori Risk, we’ll identify the system that is best suited to your business, your unique security concerns and your site.

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