We Only Work With the Best-In-Class Security Partners

We work with best-in-class security partners to deliver highly effective and adaptive systems.

Discuss Your Security Needs, and Find The Right Solution

We’ll listen to your requirements and provide a no-obligation quotation for our physical security systems and technologies. We’ll help you identify the correct system for the correct application.

    We Partner with a Wide Range of Technology Providers to Deliver Tailored Solutions

    Other security system providers are tied to particular manufacturers and limited in what they can offer their clients. They might endeavour to “force fit” solutions that in reality, aren’t the best option for their clients. As a result, businesses come away with security systems that they don’t need or worse, systems that don’t solve serious security issues.

    At Satori Risk, we do things differently. We’re able to offer a huge range of systems to UK corporations across all sectors — regardless of the level and nature of risks they face. We won’t deliver systems knowing that you’ll only use 5-10% of its practical benefits. And we won’t leave your security lacking.

    We work with a huge range of security partners to offer our clients the correct product for the correct application.

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    Financing your Security System, Upgrade and Maintenance has never been easier.

    Get the system and service you need today and spread the cost. Get in touch to discuss our options

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      Upgrade Your Integrated Technologies and Physical Security Design with Systems from Leading Security Partners

      We’ve built relationships with leading providers of security technology to ensure our clients have access to the best security systems for their needs.

      When providing surveillance systems, we work with brands including Bosch, AXIS, Hanwa, Mobotix and Avigilon. For access control technology, we work with Paxton and PAC.

      But in addition to sourcing industry-leading technology from globally recognised brands, our technology division can then adapt products to suit your specific requirements.

      Your security risks and on-site requirements are unique — you shouldn’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. We make sure your physical security systems exactly align with your risks and strategies.

      Fully Covered, Quality-Assured Installation of Integrated Security Technologies

      We ensure that all of the systems we use or provide are installed smoothly. We select engineers and suppliers using a robust quality management system.

      Your integrated security technologies will always be installed by professionals who can offer top quality service, and have experience and understanding of the system you are having installed. Our engineers and suppliers are also covered under our liability, compliant with SSAIB standards and capable of working to your deadlines.

      As well as highly capable and reliable engineers and suppliers, we’ll provide a dedicated, in-house Project Manager to oversee the entire end-to-end process, from installation to operation. Your Project Manager will make sure your system is delivered in accordance with your operational, time and budget requirements.

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      We Deliver An End-to-End Service with the Help of Our Maintenance and Monitoring Partners

      We’re here to support your security strategy beyond the installation and integration of technologies. We work with maintenance partners who have specific expertise in different systems, so we’re able to deliver maintenance services that prolong the life of your integrated security technologies.

      You’ll save money by regularly servicing your equipment and avoiding callout costs. And with a dedicated Project Manager, you’ll only have one number to call to solve any problems. Our maintenance agreements also include a next working day response guarantee — we promise to get an engineer to your site on the next working day, or better.

      For alarmed security systems, we offer monitoring as well as maintenance, to deliver a truly comprehensive service. If alarms are activated by intruder detection systems, our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) partners will notify the relevant parties and the police. We help you respond rapidly to incidents and intruders.

      Strengthen Your Physical Security and Feel Confident That Your Facilities, People and Assets Are Protected.

      Request a callback to take control of your physical security and improve your corporation’s resilience. We’ll identify the most compatible systems from our security partners and outline how we’ll adapt solutions to your organisation.

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