Warehouse Security Solutions 2022

Warehouse security is an essential part of running a profitable business. When inventory shrinks due to theft, loss or damage, it can cause a significant decrease in your business’s overall profitability.

It’s quite a simple concept; without stock to sell due to loss or damage, your business wont is able to continue to trade.

At the end of the day, warehouse security is the proverbial ‘bottom line’ of every profitable business.

A Warehouse’s Security Is Essential

Many businesses rely on warehouses as storage facilities because onsite storage space is limited. This means that valuable product is often stored away from the business premises, placing the product at risk of theft from a break-in, especially if the warehouse is remote.

Besides, thieves know you can’t be in two places at once! A warehouse security system that is not robust is an open invitation to thieves on the prowl. In addition, warehouse management that is not adequately controlled can result in lost or damaged stock and internal theft.

Ensuring your warehouse security is effective in all aspects provides the peace of mind every business owner desires, keeping your product safe and your profits up.

High-Value Facility Security Camera System

Warehouse security involves protecting both the inside and outside of the facility from robberies. When assessing the security needs, perimeter security is usually the first consideration. This is the use of burglar alarms and CCTV monitoring by a security company to keep thieves out of the warehouse. These systems can also be used to monitor multiple entrances, parking lots and boundaries of properties, thus acting as a preventative security plan for thieves looking to gain easy access.

While this may deter petty thieves, others are quite bold and may breach these reinforcements. Should they gain access to the property, internal security measures become essential. For example, CCTV monitoring in these cases is extremely useful as it captures data that can be used to identify and prosecute criminals stealing valuable stock.

Internal security measures can also be used to limit staff access to specific areas and prevent employees from abusing their access rights – in-house theft is, unfortunately, a very real consideration for businesses when handling expensive product lines.

Layering is an excellent approach when it comes to security measures used for your premises. Warehouses, in particular, have multiple access points that cannot be manned every hour of the day and, in addition, high volumes of non-warehouse staff such as site visitors, delivery drivers and maintenance or cleaning crews. These all pose significant risks to the security of the warehouse as it can be quite challenging to monitor those entering and leaving. This opens the proverbial door for opportunistic theft by those aware that staff are too busy to notice their actions.

Types of security measure layering include the combined use of internal and external security measures such as burglar alarms, CCTV monitoring, access notifications and motion sensors.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Warehouse CCTV Camera

When choosing the best CCTV camera for your warehouse, there are several factors to consider. Aside from ensuring their positioning is correct and covering relevant areas of concern, there are some physical attributes that require careful review.

The Resolution

Running a business involves many costs, and therefore many business owners look to reduce expenditure where they can. However, choosing a cheaper camera may result in grainy or unclear pictures or video data. Often lower resolution cameras are more affordable, but unfortunately, in most instances, you get what you pay for. Instead, select a camera that is capable of high-definition footage. This ensures the picture or video content is clear, making it easier to identify individuals and use as evidence in court, insurance claims or staff disciplinary procedures. Footage should be uploaded and stored on an external server, thus protecting recordings from tampering should individuals try to interfere with the surveillance cameras.

The Field Of View

How much of the warehouse area do you need to monitor with the camera? The field of view is the viewing angle of the camera and is affected by the size of the camera lens. Larger lenses provide a narrow field of view and a short viewing distance, while the converse is true for cameras with smaller lenses. Depending on the size of the area and the distance from which the camera will be, will determine the lens size you require.

Another option to consider is a fixed lens, but these are permanently set and cannot be adjusted; however, they are cheaper and a good option for layouts that are not going to evolve.

Lastly, cameras with varifocal lenses can be adjusted to zoom in on specific areas and cover large areas. These lens types are generally more expensive and are usually the ones used in a good surveillance system. In addition, their adjustability provides the flexibility required for large warehouses with their many entry points.

Mobile Notifications

Who is entering your premises and what reason do they have to be there?

Many CCTV cameras can be easily integrated with other security systems such as mobile notification systems. This type of system alerts warehouse managers by means of a text message every time the warehouse entrance is accessed. In the event of any unauthorised access, the security breach is immediately notified to those who can take action.

The real-time data captured on the CCTV cameras when the warehouse is accessed can also be used as a form of staff monitoring. Monitoring staff by means of CCTV and mobile notification on a regular basis can prevent internal theft or vandalism. This form of monitoring provides evidential proof should unfortunate incidents of employee theft or a break-in occur.

When CCTV is combined with mobile notifications, warehouse managers or owners can track and monitor all types of access, authorised or otherwise, to the premises.

Camera Types

There are many types of CCTV cameras available on the market. Choosing the correct one for your warehouse comes down to design and the range of coverage you require. Many modern cameras can incorporate night vision or infra-red surveillance technologies, which is extremely useful when securing the warehouse at night. An additional feature to consider is motion detectors or sensors which can detect suspicious activity in areas outside of work hours.
You should also consider whether your premises may benefit from wireless or cabled cameras. Large warehouses may require extensive camera cabling installed by a professional to ensure high-quality data is recorded. However, a wireless system is less expensive and much easier to install.

Lastly, what type of recording system do you need?

Connecting your camera to a computer provides a live feed but no storage. Consider using an external hard disk or server to store recordings should you need to review them later. Examples of camera types suitable for warehouses include the dome or bullet camera.

Access Control Systems For Warehouse Security

Access control systems provide a visual deterrent for both internal and external thieves. Security measures such as CCTV systems linked to alarm systems and specific access control measures will ensure that thieves looking to break into a remote, well-stocked warehouse are literally caught red-handed by monitoring security services.

Touchless access control systems provide a cost-effective means of adequately managing your warehouse by ensuring only those with keyholding rights gain access to the premises. In summary, access control systems benefit warehouse security in the following ways:

  • Monitoring of access points for both staff and visitors
  • Keyless entry system such as swipe card/keypad reduces the risk of lost keys
  • Restricted access of staff to specific areas
  • Footage can be used to monitor Health & Safety procedures
  • Staff monitoring, timekeeping and access control
  • Prevention of unauthorised access
  • Reduces internal/external theft, loss, vandalism

Access control systems are necessary safety measures that can be tailored to suit the bespoke needs of your warehouse security. Contact the Satori team to discuss your security requirements; they will help you match an innovative security system solution to your unique business’s storage facility concerns.