Types Of Video Intercom Systems For Apartments

Apartment buildings are often located at the heart of the city, right at the epicenter of a fast-paced environment, much like commercial premises. Unfortunately, city living, although convenient, comes with its own set of difficulties, such as keeping you, your family, and your home possessions safe from thieves and other potential criminal activity. Thieves prowling the city center and nearby residential areas know they have access to a fast getaway on the motorway; therefore, security in your apartment building should be a top priority as a landlord. Apartment blocks with door entry systems are very attractive to potential tenants looking for a safe environment in which to live.

What Is An Apartment Door Entry System?

Apartment door entry systems restrict access to the building to authorised users only. This form of security uses a range of audio and video technologies to verify those who wish to enter the property. Visitors to those living in the apartments gain access once the user has confirmed their identity. As a result, those living in the flats have complete control over who enters the building, preventing opportunistic thieves or criminals from taking advantage.

How Does An Apartment Door Entry System Work?

Ultimately a door entry system is used to identify tenants and visitors to the building. However, they can also be used to grant access to maintenance staff and delivery drivers (take-aways, groceries, parcels) who can request access via the access panels located at the main door. Apartment door entry systems are typically located at the main entrance or front door. The hardware installed at this point is also known as the base station. Each apartment has hardware that communicates with the base station via wiring or internet connection. IP (Internet Protocol) or wireless door entry systems do not require complex wiring, and communication via the base and substations is internet-based.

Those wishing to enter the building search the system directory for the resident, or if the flat number is known, press a button to contact them. The call buttons alert the flat resident that they have a visitor either by phone call or mobile app. At this point, the resident speaks to the visitor using the handset installed in the apartment or via their mobile device. Once identity has been verified, the occupants can press a button in the flat to open the door. This door release button triggers the magnetic or electric lock in the main door, which allows the visitor to gain entry to the building.

Apartment access control solutions use a range of door entry systems that require minimal maintenance. For example, residents may be required to use a PIN code, fob, keycard, or mobile app to access the building and with a CCTV monitoring system in place too. These keyless options ensure the building is protected from the risk of lost or stolen keys which may result in thieves or criminals simply walking through the front door.

Benefits Of A Door Entry System For Flats

Installation of a door entry system in an apartment building is beneficial for both the landlord and tenant. Door entry systems are associated with safe and secure environments. As a result, tenants can relax knowing they are protected from unwanted callers and criminal activity. However, additional benefits of a door entry system are as follows:

  • It prevents thieves/unauthorised people from gaining access to the building
  • Video door entry systems allow the tenant to physically identify visitors
  • Tenants can restrict access to the building, community areas, or their flat entrance
  • Deters criminal activity such as vandalism
  • Reduces insurance premiums for tenants and landlords, and homeowners
  • Audio door entry systems allow residents to speak to visitors before granting access
  • Eliminates the need to replace lost or stolen keys, thus enhancing security
  • Reduces the risk of doors being left unlocked accidentally

Types Of Door Entry System For Residential Buildings

There are several access control options for property owners to consider for apartment blocks and even office buildings. However, below are two main access control systems used in apartment buildings.

Audio Entry / Intercom Systems

An audio door entry system is a type of intercom that is comprised of a call button and speech unit. The call button is usually located on the entry panel situated at the main door, and the speech unit/handset is located in the tenant’s flat. Once the call button is pressed, the tenant is alerted to the visitor’s presence by the phone ringing and can lift the handset and speak directly to them.

Video Entry Systems

This system has a camera located at the main entrance and a call button. It allows the tenant to view the visitor on the video display located in their apartment and engage in a two-way conversation in real time, day or night. This video function can also be displayed on a smartphone or mobile device, allowing residents to grant access to the property remotely via the gate or front entrance. This remote function provides residents with more access, convenience, and peace of mind and also ensures that any orders that arrive at the premises are never missed.

Final Thoughts

Door entry systems are an excellent way for residents to control access via communal doors in an apartment building. Aside from audio and video entry systems, apartment buildings can also benefit from other forms of access control. These include PIN/ keypads and biometric entry systems or Card readers. When considering the ideal door entry system to install in your apartment building, it is worth discussing your needs with an installer who has experience in the door access control industry and provides security services to match. Such installers can also recommend the necessary equipment or products required by specific businesses and advise if your existing door entry system requires upgrading, if that is the case.

For more information on getting quality door entry systems for flats, take the time to discuss your unique situation with the Satori Risk team. In addition to many years of experience in the industry, we can provide you with everything you need to know about getting new door entry system brands that work for your specific flat, building, or block of flats, and is an upgrade on your current system. Get in touch with us via email, landline or even mobile phone today!