Touchless Access Control for Your Business

To date, most businesses have used a physical access control system to secure their business premises. With the recent Covid pandemic, businesses are re-evaluating their need for a physical access control system and are turning to touchless access control instead for the safety of their staff and visitors.

Preparing for Post-Covid Office Security

With the Covid pandemic becoming a large part of our daily personal lives, we are well aware of its impact on our work lives. With most people working remotely for many months and only now starting to migrate back to working in the office, part-time or full-time, businesses have had to start looking at their security systems.

There’s a requirement for security systems to keep businesses and staff safe from the spread of Covid or any future pandemics that might affect people.

With this fact in mind, companies are turning to touchless access control.

With the regular touchpoints and building access being imperative to securing the business and encouraging the spread of Covid, it becomes clear that businesses will turn to touchless technologies and contactless access.

Businesses will use touchless technologies to upgrade their building access, with touchless access cards and automated doors to facial recognition to allow access to certain building parts. In addition, there will no longer be the need for any physical checks or contact on entry, making the process smooth and simple using no contact technologies.

Covid has impacted security enhancements in the following ways. For instance, businesses have had to change how deliveries and maintenance are handled, how door schedules are monitored, adjust their operating hours, manage service disruptions, and run ongoing tight security systems and processes all while on skeleton staff and with strict health measures in place.

The following solutions have therefore come to the fore.

Hands-Free Unlock

There is usually a high volume of people entering and leaving the building in commercial buildings. As such, all areas must be constantly cleaned to avoid the spread of Covid and other potential diseases or illnesses. Adapting to a hands-free solution gives the businesses peace of mind that Covid health standards are maintained while eliminating the human-error risk factor if an area is missed on the cleaning rota.

By installing automatic door openers, the need to clean door handles after every use becomes void. This gives hands-free access to staff, and using card readers with an RFID tag linked to a cloud-based database helps identify the person accessing the building. This is a frictionless method of waving your card in front of the card reader – the ultimate touchless entry – for the door to unlock. In addition, a cloud-based system enables all data to be added, removed, or amended remotely, without the need for any physical contact between staff or visitors – it also makes for excellent contact tracing.

Touchless entry using cards with RFID access control keeps the need for touching door handles to a minimum and allows touchless access to many parts of the building.

Most people have mobile access these days making mobile phone access possible by touchless access control system setups. Think of scanning your boarding pass on your mobile phone at the airport – it’s the same concept. Access control processes are sped up and simplified by using mobile credentials to identify staff and visitors on entry. By downloading an app on their mobile, a user can then wave their mobile phone over the reader, and it will read their credentials and allow access if granted.

Face recognition apps are also an excellent option for hands-free unlocking. This requires an app that registers facial recognition (remotely). Then, if the user’s face matches the features of the stored data, the system will provide access to the user. This process is as simple as walking up to the scanner or reader, and the door will open if you have permission in that area to enter. This is a smooth and straightforward touchless access control system.

Where you need to control visitor management into a lobby, a simple infrared sensor or motion sensor can be used to activate the automatic door openers, much like the automatic doors you see in the local supermarket or co-op.

Some of the most trusted access control providers in the UK include Paxton and Comelit-PAC, which offer a full range of access control systems and services.

Two-Factor Authentication

Before Covid, many businesses relied on biometric fingerprint readers or keypads. There was a call for businesses to reconsider these facilities, as it was determined that the Covid virus could survive a few hours on a surface if someone infected touches it. Businesses and private individuals have transitioned to using contactless options like facial recognition and mobile devices with faceID authentication.

Although you will still require biometrics for facial recognition, it will not require physical contact. This means no fingerprint is needed but rather an initial capture (photograph) of your face for facial recognition software store for future reference.

Using a mobile face ID or any face recognition application is a safe and hygienic option as this negates the need for contact with a keypad or fingerprint/hand reader. There is no risk to the user or need to hire someone to clean equipment and devices after use. It is a cost-effective way to ensure people are safe and continue being productive in the workplace.

Benefits of Touchless Access Control in the Workplace

While a touchless access control system is excellent for health and hygiene, there are other significant benefits of such a system too. Touchless access control technologies offer the following benefits in the workplace:

  • Building Security Enhanced

Having a touchless access control system in place can enhance the security benefits for your staff and business. Having a system with a secure “authorisation access only” policy will help secure areas within the building that need higher security, giving only people who have authorisation access.

Monitoring who enters and exits the building via video surveillance is crucial to keeping the staff and business assets safe.

Having key cards and key fobs is a cost-effective way of not having to issue or replace keys or change locks if keys are lost, or someone leaves the business. Instead, it simply removes the code from the lost or redundant smart card or key FOB system, instantly stopping any unauthorised access issues.

  • Technology Can Improve Credential Access

Where only certain individuals should have access or a low-to-medium flow of people accessing areas, a touchless NFC enabled key card or Bluetooth-enabled software on smartphones is ideal to ensure security.

  • Convenience

The convenience of easy accessibility to the building when entering or leaving, with automated opening doors, is beneficial when your hands are full, and you want to avoid getting your fingers crushed by a door swinging shut on them. Not touching the door handle and possibly contracting the covid virus also gives your staff peace of mind.

  • It Can Save You Money

By upgrading to a touchless access control system, you can save money. Gone are the days when you had to cut expensive keys for different staff members and replace locks if staff members left the business or lost their keys. With cloud-based software and touchless access control software, you can control this expense by simply reissuing a pin code to a key FOB or reassigning a key card to a staff member. In addition, if they use their personal mobile as a smart key, then simply updating the business software to add or remove a staff member is a no-cost time effective way of controlling access in your business.

Touchless Access Control Solutions

While the workplace has changed due to Covid, we have evolved with new touchless access control systems to keep your business and staff safe by means of enhanced entry system options.

We have swapped door handles for automated doors, fingerprint readers for key cards and even software on our mobiles to unlock doors or verify facial recognition. Times have changed, for the better so we can continue to run businesses safely and effectively for everyone.

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Satori Risk provides an all-inclusive service from system recommendation to installation, set up and maintenance. Let’s get you started on your journey to a modern business sporting a state-of-the-art touches access control system at affordable rates.