The Value of CCTV Maintenance

The saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this is especially true in the case of your CCTV surveillance system.

The truth is if your CCTV equipment is not kept in good working order, it can result in a malfunction and thus leave your building premises and staff unsecured and vulnerable to criminal activity.

However, CCTV cameras require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work without breaking down and reduce the high costs you may incur to fix them.

Read on to learn more about why CCTV maintenance is essential, and the benefits of a good CCTV system for your business.

Why is CCTV maintenance so essential?

Failing to monitor the functionality of your surveillance system can also affect whether your insurance pays out should a break-in or breach in security occur. For example, suppose your CCTV maintenance visit is missed, and it just so happens that criminals target your business premises (a break-in).

In that case, the insurance company may refuse to pay out for damages or losses if the CCTV maintenance records are not up to date.

In contrast, regular maintenance checks ensure that the cameras are in the positions most effective to your business, such as overlooking entrances, cash registers and other sensitive areas.

In addition, you can also keep a closer eye on the overall operations of the business and productivity levels of staff. How? Well, you monitor whether your staff are at work on time and completing their given tasks.

You can also check to see they are completing their maintenance service tasks thoroughly, thus ensuring your CCTV equipment, business interests and staff are effectively protected.

Read on to learn more about why CCTV is beneficial to a business, the ins and outs of commercial CCTV installation and what you need to know about repairs and maintenance.

Why is CCTV beneficial to a business?

CCTV has gone from an optional business extra to a vital part of business security, functionality and business performance. Aside from protecting the building contents, CCTV also ensures the safety and security of staff and provides valuable information regarding staff productivity.

Deterring Crime

Security systems are super effective at preventing the anti-social behaviours most criminals display. Aside from actually breaking in, vandalism and other illegal activities carried about by criminals are prevented when they spot the cameras of your CCTV security system.

Types of illegal activity prevented by CCTV include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Illegal deals/trades
  • Hijackings
  • Anti-social behaviour (rioting, loitering, fighting)

CCTV cameras act as instant discouragement to criminals. This is because being caught on camera can result in a criminal record if signs of damage or evidence of breaking into the premises are caught on camera and linked to them.

Ensuring your security system undergoes a regular maintenance service will mean that your cameras are operating at optimum performance when would-be thieves come knocking!

Remote monitoring

The use of a security camera is not only limited to watching out for thieves but can also be used to monitor if staff are following specific protocols and safety measures in the absence of management.

Remote monitoring allows business owners the freedom to monitor productivity and performance without having to be physically present.

The playback function on the security system also enables management to review and analyse areas in the business that may require improvement and implement necessary changes.

Playback can also be used to verify information and settled disputes that happen on the work floor.

In addition, many security system providers offer finance, cameras and a maintenance contract as a package making it super easy for companies to maintain their CCTV equipment.

Camera Footage for Evidence

CCTV services can easily be teamed with security services such as burglar alarms and armed response teams. As such, they provide extra protection, recording evidence of any intrusion, should thieves decide to take their chances and ignore the burglar alarm.

Should a security breach occur, the playback function on the CCTV camera can prove invaluable, aiding with the investigation and providing evidence of the time, location, and possible suspects.

Insurance Claims

Most insurance companies require supporting evidence when considering whether to pay out an insurance claim. In fact, it’s important to ensure that your CCTV monitoring system is installed according to the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) code of practice for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems.

In addition to capturing evidence of criminal activity, CCTV monitoring is exceptionally beneficial should an accident occur on the premises. The footage recorded on the CCTV cameras can easily be reviewed and assessed when figuring out what happened at a particular time and place. This allows the insurance company to accurately determine whether the claim is valid and thus provide a speedy payout.

Reducing Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies recognise that thieves are automatically deterred from targeting businesses with CCTV installed. This is because thieves are well aware that CCTV can provide evidence of their criminal activities and, in most cases, identify them as the perpetrators. For this reason, insurance companies view companies with a CCTV system as safer to ensure as they will be less likely to pay out on an insurance claim.

Peace of Mind

In summary, installing a CCTV system or closed-circuit television system increases a business’s security, helps to monitor productivity and staff safety and enables business owners to review and assess their business protocols. It can also provide evidence in terms of dates, times, and clarification on situations such as accidents, criminal activity, and even staff attendance or absences.

Added peace of mind is provided by security CCTV systems that come with backup power supplies.

For many business owners, the worry of leaving their businesses exposed to unwanted criminal activity can easily be remedied with a CCTV maintenance package. This ensures uninterrupted security and the ability to strategise while maintaining the safety of both the business and employees.

Commercial CCTV Installation

Satori Risk provides a range of security systems, including top-notch technologies that protect against intruders or provide access control. When using Satori Risk as a security solution, you can be guaranteed quality service that supports the client with CCTV installation, continued maintenance and necessary system upgrades.

Satoris’ qualified engineers provide businesses who need CCTV or IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) with twenty-four-hour, year-round technological support.

Whether you want a single monitor or the installation of a CCTV multiplexer that allows several videos to be combined in a grid view on a single monitor, it’s best to discuss your needs with a CCTV installation system expert in the know.

In addition, Satori offers maintenance packages that both service and repair your security system, keeping your CCTV, intruder detection or access control systems functioning. Their goal is to ensure that your security system remains in optimum working order providing robust protection against potential security threats.

DVR (digital video recorder) systems and NVR (network video recorder) system maintenance packages provided by Satori Risk can be tailored to suit the needs and specifications of the business.

Commercial CCTV Maintenance

The effectiveness of your CCTV system relies on three factors to function correctly; these include the following:

  • The quality of the control equipment is crucial. This needs to provide high-quality images and audio so that video footage can be used to deter, identify and manage possible security threats. However, poor quality cables and camera lenses can result in low image quality rendering the video footage useless in terms of evidence or analysis.
  • Installation is another critical factor because how the cameras are positioned will affect their field of view. If the cameras are incorrectly placed, they could overlook areas that don’t require monitoring, making them ineffective at monitoring areas of concern.
  • Maintenance checks play a pivotal role in ensuring your CCTV system is updated and functioning at optimum capacity. Your CCTV system could malfunction without proper maintenance, leaving your business at risk. Moreover, during preventative maintenance, obstructions may show up, which can be rectified immediately before a total system failure.

A maintenance contract is a written agreement between the client and servicing company that details how the equipment will be serviced, updated and maintained while the client continues to pay the contract fee.

Most maintenance contracts cover the physical equipment and the data updates required to keep the system functioning correctly. Once the technician has checked the cables, fittings and fixtures, they will review the data held on the system and advise of any updates required.

A typical CCTV maintenance checklist includes:

  • All cameras cleaned, and remote functions, movement and field of view checked.
  • Mounting and support of cables inspected for signs of wear and tear.
  • All warning lights and pre-set functions checked for proper functionality.
  • Fixtures and fittings of the CCTV camera checked for signs of damage and corrosion. Business owners should check if the maintenance contract covers these types of repairs.
  • All CCTV connections and circuits checked.
  • All warning labels or notifications are present and visible.
  • Logbooks and computer data relating to the CCTV system checked, and required updates advised and implemented.

Satori Risk knows that a maintenance contract is invaluable when it comes to ensuring your CCTV remains in tip-top condition. This is why they offer easy financing for installing, upgrading, and maintaining your security system.

Commercial CCTV Repair

It goes without saying that taking care of your security system is vital if you want to ensure its reliability and functionality. Satori Risk is aware that business owners are looking for this reliability and therefore offer bespoke CCTV maintenance plans that provide regular servicing, thus ensuring that system failures or faults are caught before they become costly repairs.

Satori Risk takes system failure seriously and offers its clients a ‘next working day response service in the event of an emergency call out. The Satori team is supported by trusted maintenance partners that ensure your business is never be left unsupported.

Get in touch with a CCTV maintenance and repair expert at Satori today.