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Enhance your operational capability, strengthen your on-site security and improve your resiliency with an integrated security system.

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Our Security System Services: We’ll Design, Supply, Install, Maintain and Monitor Security Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need a single-function security system or fully integrated systems for access control, surveillance and intruder detection, we’re dedicated to helping your improve your physical security.

We carry out a site technical survey of your UK business locations to identify compatible and effective security systems. Then, we install and maintain your system to ensure your site is protected from day one for years to come.

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    omnidirectional commercial and business cctv

    IP CCTV Surveillance

    IPTV, or IP CCTV as it’s sometimes known, is the future of surveillance. With a superior picture quality, identifying intruders or security risks becomes a much more efficient and accurate process.

    Thermal Imaging

    Thermal imaging offers 24/7 surveillance of your business premises. Regardless of the light — whether it’s midday or midnight — our thermal scanning systems enable long-range, high-resolution surveillance. 

    Our systems use advanced technology that allows for clear identification of people or vehicles, even when it’s pitch black. In daylight, these systems perform just as well — the resolution won’t be affected by glare, so you can monitor your facilities around the clock.

    thermal scanner
    security keypad

    Access Control

    Our access control systems simplify the way you grant and restrict access to areas of your business premises. Whether you need to control access to single rooms, entire sites or multiple locations across the UK, we can adapt our access control solutions to your needs.

    You’ll have complete control over who can visit different areas and if you need to adjust access, you’ll be able to do so easily from a digital security platform.

    Intruder Alarms

    Our intruder alarms can be installed as stand-alone solutions or integrated with  other electronic and physical security systems. These systems can help you detect intruders, prevent attacks and ensure that in the event of a security breach, the relevant personnel will be notified instantly. Our intruder alarms enable you to assume command of situations without delay to neutralise threats.

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    Perimeter Intruder Detection

    With a Perimeter Intruder Detection (PID) system in place, you can monitor your boundaries and in the event of an attack, get an advanced warning so that you can act quickly. 

    With intruder detection alarms at your perimeter, you can ensure your security team are notified as early as possible when unauthorised personnel attempt to gain access to your site.

    Security Consultancy

    Our consultants can work with you to create and implement a robust plan for your organisation’s security and resiliency.

    We can identify issues threatening your people, operations, facilities and assets, and plan solutions to strengthen your defence against current and future risks. Ultimately, our consultants will take a holistic approach to your security, ensuring your systems align with your growth strategy.

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    We’ll Take Care of Your Security System Maintenance

    When you work with us to implement a security system, you’ll have the option to take advantage of our maintenance agreement. We’ll carry out proactive and reactive maintenance tasks to prolong the life of your system and ensure maximum efficiency.

    Our maintenance also offers significant cost savings — with regular servicing, you’ll minimise the risk of issues and callouts. But if something does go wrong, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll just have to call one number to get support — the number of your dedicated account manager. We also have a next working day promise so if you experience any issues, we’ll get an engineer out to you on the next working day or sooner.

    Strengthen Your Physical Security and Feel Confident That Your Facilities, People and Assets Are Protected.

    Request a callback to take control of your physical security and improve your corporation’s resilience. We’ll identify the most compatible systems from our security partners and outline how we’ll adapt solutions to your organisation.

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