Optimise Your Farm Security With Satori Risk

Living in the countryside certainly has its benefits, especially for those surrounded by the rolling hills of their very own working farm. Nothing quite says British than contributing to British agriculture, doing one’s bit as it were. However, this comes at a price, particularly if you don’t have the necessary security measures to protect your piece of utopia.

You may wonder why thieves target farms in the first place, but a farm represents a veritable shopping spree for would-be thieves, with expensive items such as tractors high on their list of things to procure.

Rural crime has spiked dramatically in recent years, with thieves often targeting farm buildings and the expensive farm equipment they house. Aside from theft, farms also provide the perfect playground for criminal or suspicious activity. This is because it’s difficult to implement security measures due to their size, rural location, and often poor internet connectivity.

The Importance Of Improving Farm Security

Rural locations often have limited police presence making these areas prime targets for criminal activity and vandalism. However, even with a low police presence by the time law enforcement does arrive after being alerted, the criminals are well on their way with equipment or stock they have managed to steal. This has made it even more crucial for farm owners to ensure their security measures are adequate and capable of protecting their assets and valuables.
In addition, working farms are extremely busy enterprises that require many antisocial working hours. It’s a common complaint amongst farmers that there simply arent enough hours to get everything done. Add this busy work pattern to the risk of not having a good security solution in place, and you have the recipe for potential theft and vandalism. This, in turn, is costly and hampers the productivity of the farm itself, especially if damage or theft of an integral piece of equipment occurs.

Furthermore, farm CCTV can monitor equipment and remote areas of the property, providing peace of mind while farmers and farmhands are busy with their workday. Using the security system to monitor stock during periods when they are most vulnerable such as during calving, lambing and foaling season allows the farmer owner complete visibility. This prevents stock theft and high stock mortality rates.

Benefits Of Effective Security Systems

Due to the rural location of farms, many a burglar sees a rural property as easy pickings! Therefore, crime prevention is crucial in the farming community.

Let’s look at how a security system can benefit your rural property.

  • Access control systems and security alarms for farms are an excellent deterrent, preventing unauthorised access to farm areas that require protection. They can also alert owners to the intrusion using mobile phone notifications and allow them to take the necessary steps to protect their property, such as calling the authorities.
  • CCTV cameras equipped with night vision functions can provide constant monitoring, thus providing complete visibility of daily farm operations and ensuring farmworkers follow necessary protocols.
  • Farming equipment, crops and livestock are easily monitored and protected from theft, arson and vandalism. A good security system ensures those responsible are held accountable; thus, it acts as a preventative for criminals.
  • Water supplies are integral to good farming practices and should be protected from infection from rodents and other pests. A security system that monitors the water supply can help farmers take steps to prevent and control pest infestations.
  • Security systems can also protect agricultural fuel stored on the farm. Rising fuel costs have opened a gap in the criminal market, with thieves profiting from selling stolen fuel. As a result, criminals drain farm storage tanks leaving the owner out of pocket and unable to run their vehicles.
  • Farm owners are expected to abide by a specific set of agricultural compliances. CCTV cameras can be used to monitor and protect both their assets and farmworkers, thus ensuring they are legally compliant with the laws in place.

Efficient Farm Access Control Systems

Farm access control systems can range from basic protection of the farmyard using high-quality padlocks and chains to more sophisticated methods such as IP CCTV systems. Choosing the correct access control system is critical and should revolve around what you need to protect and secure. For example, a padlock may only protect your expensive tractor for as long as what thieves take to cut through it! Unfortunately, thieves use very ingenious methods to obtain what they are after.

A more effective access control system for your expensive farming equipment may comprise a surveillance camera or additional CCTV cameras and an alarm system linked to a motion sensor. These types of security systems provide constant monitoring of specific areas and alert you to intruders or suspicious activity. Obviously, the kind of access control system you choose to protect your equipment and assets will depend on their value and location. For instance, security cameras placed overlooking the garden shed may not be required as the value of the tools inside would be minimal. In this scenario, a good padlock may be a better investment.

By installing appropriate access controls, owners can benefit from an early warning system when it comes to burglaries. The one thing thieves are very aware of is that the remote location of your property counts in their favour immensely. After all, no one will notice if they climb your fence or lever open a window, even in broad daylight! Therefore, installing a security system that monitors boundary walls, is capable of high-resolution picture quality and detects motion will ensure owners are alerted, and would-be burglars are stopped quickly and efficiently. Other sensors that are used to enhance control systems are glass-break detectors and infrared and ultrasonic sensors.

A risk assessment is a good starting point as it will help you identify the access points, equipment and assets that require protection.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right access control system for your farm:

  • Identify areas at most risk
  • Remote areas, areas that house expensive equipment, stock or produce are all areas to consider monitoring.
  • What type of authentication methods do you require?
  • Fobs, biometrics, keypads, access cards, and mobile access are excellent authentication methods used to restrict or provide access to certain areas for farmworkers requiring different levels of access.
  • What level of monitoring is required for farm security systems?
  • Access control systems come with a vast array of functions that can be tailored to suit your specific circumstances. For example, do you need remote monitoring via PC or mobile? Furthermore, they can be linked to CCTV camera systems, burglar alarms and fire alarms to provide the security you need.

If this is your first time installing an access control system for your farm, the process can be confusing, especially if you are unsure what camera system to install or where to install it. At Satori Risk, our IP CCTV professionals can discuss this with you and help determine the correct system and application you need. Simply discuss your security requirements with one of our experts and receive your free quote today.

Tips For Farm Security

An access control system can be further bolstered by incorporating some basic safety and security measures around your property. It’s no point having a top-notch security system only for the proverbial ‘barn door’ to be left open, inviting thieves to enter. The more you can deter criminal activity, the better. After all, a closed, padlocked building with CCTV in place definitely sends the message that your farm isn’t the easy access thieves thought it would be! Below are some tips you can use to increase your farm’s security further.

  • Install high-quality padlocks and chains on boundary gates and farm buildings.
    This may not stop thieves from entering should they cut the padlock or chain, but it makes it more time consuming to get in and requires effort, something thieves try to avoid.
  • Regularly check fences and farm gates to ensure they are in good condition.
    Rotten fences or fences with gaps or broken gates are a clear invitation to thieves looking to gain easy access.
  • Do a regular stock-take.
    Stock-takes should include counting livestock, equipment, supplies and fuel. This ensures you are aware of any theft as soon as it occurs and can take necessary action, such as reviewing camera footage and alerting the authorities.
  • Implement a safe usage and storage policy.
    Set up a process where farm equipment should be safely used and stored after usage. All farmworkers should be made aware of this policy and be required to adhere to its guidelines.
  • Put up signs confirming the property is under surveillance.
    Nothing stops a thief or unannounced visitor in their tracks faster than a sign that confirms they are being watched! They don’t want to be caught and prosecuted.
  • Have basic safety measures in place.
    Fire is a major cause of crop loss; sometimes, through arson or accidental, it can be devastating to farming communities. Prohibit farmworkers and visitors from smoking on the premises.