Intrusion Detection System

Monitor the security of your business premises, detect intrusions and receive instant alerts in the event of unauthorised personnel accessing your site.

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Intruder Detection and Alarm Systems Adapted to Your Security Needs

With an advanced intruder detection system, you can detect unauthorised access and protect your business facilities, assets and people. Our systems enable you to monitor your site’s entry points and receive instant intruder alerts so that you can mobilise your security team.

Movement and vibrations can be detected and you’ll be able to receive alerts remotely with a mobile application. We can install systems to monitor your entire business premises or limited areas with restricted access.

Whatever your security needs and concerns, we’ll provide a system that helps you prevent and react to intrusion threats.

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    Integrate Your Intruder Detection System with Perimeter Detection, Access Control and Surveillance Systems

    Intruder detection can be a standalone solution or used as part of your wider security system. All of the intruder detection systems we offer can be fully integrated with other solutions.

    For example, it can be paired with perimeter intruder detection to ensure you’re notified about security threats as early as possible. When used alongside an access control system, intruder detection can help you monitor different areas and personnel. As for surveillance, IPTV can help you identify intruders when alarms are triggered.

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