Importance of Vacant Property Security in the UK

Did you know that millions of pounds of damage are incurred yearly in the UK to vacant properties?

In most instances, the cost is incurred through arson and vandalism. Ensure you have the correct vacant property security.

Another major risk is squatters choosing to target your property, and then spending months or even years trying to get them out.

You don’t need to use anything state-of-the-art to secure your empty property. Simple security solutions such as access control systems, CCTV systems, alarms, and perimeter intrusion deterrents can ensure that you can monitor and manage your vacant property at all times.

After all, it is a valuable asset. Just remember that when you’re recording using CCTV systems, you must ensure that you follow data protection laws and protocols.

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Why Is It Important To Have Vacant Property Security In London?

Protecting your assets is just one reason to secure vacant property. Another great reason is that well-secured empty properties are less risky for the local community. This is because vacant property attracts those with a penchant for theft, arson, and vandalism.

Having a well-secured property also ensures that the neighbourhood maintains its value and that surrounding properties and property owners aren’t forced to pay higher insurance costs due to the risk your property site and its buildings pose. In addition, a well-secured property is ripe and ready for sale, development, or the installation of services.

Vacant Property Security Solutions

It’s one thing to say that you should secure your property against thieves, squatters, arsonists and vandals. It’s another to know precisely how to do that.
Satori Risk provides vacant property security services and often advises clients on how to deter criminals and ensure that vacant buildings, whether commercial property or residential property are kept safe and secure.

Peace of mind is invaluable today. Below are some of the security solutions and security systems that work at all hours of the day or night – and that come highly recommend.

Alarm Systems / Intruder Detection Systems

How do you know when someone gains unauthorised entry to your business premises, commercial premises, warehouse, empty building, or land?

If you don’t have on-site security personnel, intruder alarms are a great warning of possible criminal damage in action. The requirements for an alarm system are simple, such as access to electricity or a battery. And they send an alert when your property’s main entry points are accessed. A security team can then be sent to ascertain the situation. Alerts can be sent directly to your mobile phone.

Steel Security Screens & Doors

Strong, hardwearing steel security screens and doors can protect your premises from becoming an easy target.

A wide range of steel doors and screens on the market are used to deter break-ins and provide complete peace of mind when you cannot have mobile patrols in action all day, every day. These are effective security measures, especially when paired with other security solutions.

Simple daily checks can be done to ensure the screens and doors aren’t breached, but you can also use recorded footage from CCTV systems to determine what is happening on your premises at all times.

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CCTV Systems

CCTV systems or IPTV systems provide simple ways for people to incorporate high-security standards at their vacant premises or facility.

Why not make technology work for you?

When you order and install these systems, you protect your vacant property from intruders, theft, and internal threats. This technology is used effectively in a wide range of businesses and locations.

Best of all, you can use the footage to monitor everything, from cleaning services to time clocked by staff members. And, of course, it’s very useful for identifying threats and protecting assets.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

When you receive alerts, you can detect intrusions on your vacant property early and take the necessary action.

Perimeter intrusion detection is a simple solution to your security problems. Unauthorised access to premises is about more than vandalism risks. When you secure an empty property, it’s also about ensuring that you don’t suffer from health and safety issues or have your development or sale of the property halted. You can quickly decide how to respond with a quick message sent to your mobile phone when an intrusion is detected.

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How Long Can A Property Stand Vacant In The UK?

There is no strict law in the UK against properties standing empty. However, insurance companies typically only cover the empty property for 30 to 60 days.
In addition to this, local councils may impose their own regulations that you should make yourself aware of; they do this to ensure the highest standards are upheld in the local community.

How Do You Maintain Vacant Property?

Firstly, ensure all doors are locked and windows are closed. Ensure that someone else has a set of keys just in case you lose your own. Keep the outside well maintained so security personnel or officers can easily see the buildings and properties. Install motion detection lights outside to keep vandals and trespassers at bay. Finally, ensure that you advertise your security system out front and that your alarm system and intruder detection system are in good operating order.

What Is Vacant Property Security?

Vacant property security is any security system or steps you take to secure a property you own that is currently empty. Valid forms of empty property security include CCTV systems, mobile guards, intruder detection systems, steel doors, etc.

How Do You Secure A Derelict Building?

Sadly, derelict buildings can attract unwanted attention. To ensure that your property doesn’t attract criminal damage, it is important to secure it. Installing CCTV systems that can be remotely monitored is one way of securing the premises. Intruder detection systems and access control systems are also excellent ways of ensuring that the property doesn’t become a burden to you and the surrounding property owners.


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