Commercial Access Control Solutions

Access control systems are not simply a nice thing to have in the workplace; they are, in fact, an indispensable tool for maintaining a business’s safety and security.

While using a manual lock and key to secure an external door was an acceptable form of access control in the past, these have become outdated and are often easily bypassed. This places commercial properties at significant risk of theft or vandalism.

Door access control systems reduce this risk and benefit commercial properties in several ways. This article will explore how a commercial access control solution can benefit your business and increase your level of security.

What Is A Commercial Access Control Solution?

A commercial access control system is an electronic system that enables users to enter or exit a building or restricted area using a keycard, key fob or PIN pad instead of standard keys.

More modern versions of access control can use biometrics (fingerprints and facial recognition) or mobile credentials to control access to the premises.

Traditionally they are used to restrict access to unauthorised visitors, but they can also allow those with access rights to gain entry quickly and safely. Furthermore, they are particularly effective in keeping track of employees and their exact location on-site or in the building.

Not only does this help with tracking employee movements and aid with timekeeping, but it also means that during an emergency, employees can be located quickly and moved to safety.

Most commercial buildings are extremely large. Therefore the premises often have multiple gates, access points and offices. This makes keeping track of employees, visitors and even vehicles accessing the site challenging.

An access control system can make monitoring and controlling access to a commercial site much more manageable. For example, staff can access the site via vehicle barriers by using unique tokens that can also grant access to the building or specific areas.

Components Of A Commercial Access Control Solution

Commercial building access control systems comprise a range of components listed below.

When combined, these systems verify the identity of authorised personnel using PINS, passwords, access control cards, fobs etc.

In addition, these components can easily be integrated into existing control solutions such as intruder alarms, CCTV security systems, fire alarms and visitor management systems to create a more robust security system.


These devices are located at the entry or access points of the property or building. Staff members either input a PIN code, swipe card, fob or token for the reader to authenticate their credentials.

Control Panel/ Door Controller

The control panel receives the signal from the reader and reviews the data to check if the credentials are valid.

Locking Mechanism

Door entry systems can use magnetic (shear locks) or electric (solenoid locks) locks to secure a single door or multiple access points. Once the control panel determines if the user has permission to enter, it sends a signal to the locking mechanism triggering the door to unlock and allow access. Once the employee has entered, the locks reset, locking the door.

Why Commercial Properties Need An Access Control Solution

Besides enhancing safety and boosting security measures for commercial properties, access control solutions benefit your business in several ways.

Customise And Control Access

Access privileges can be programmed to specific security tokens such as fobs or proximity cards and assigned to employees or visitors to the site. This ensures they can only access certain areas or departments relevant to them. In addition, these access rights can be set to specific time frames (day or night) and shift patterns preventing access outside of authorised hours.

Eliminate Key Management

Lost keys pose a considerable risk for commercial properties storing products or expensive equipment. If they end up in the wrong hands, it puts the business at risk of theft and possible vandalism.

In addition, sensitive data relating to customers or the company could be destroyed or misused.

Commercial access control systems eliminate this risk as keycards and fobs can quickly be terminated, and biometric data cannot be transferred or replicated.


People management is much easier as staff movements and timekeeping can easily be tracked. Locating staff in an emergency is not an issue as their movements are recorded, and reports can easily be produced.

Easy Integration

Most commercial properties have standalone access control systems, ranging from CCTV, intruder alarms, fire alarms, and vehicle barriers. Programmable smart cards, fobs or biometric technologies can be used to create one seamless control system.

In-house systems such as PCs, printers or vending machines can also be added to the control system, thus further enhancing the building’s security. Access control systems can be tailored to suit your commercial property’s needs.

Types of Access Control Available

When looking for the best access control solution for your commercial property and local teams, you should consider the business’s security needs.

This involves doing a basic site survey to determine the security risks your property is exposed to, such as the number of access points your property has and what sensitive areas require increased security or restricted access.

There are four types of access control systems available on the market. Property owners should determine their business’s specific requirements for their building’s security before making a final decision.

  • Mandatory – security and permissions granted/controlled by a single person
  • Discretionary – access rights for all users
  • Role-based – access is determined depending on the role of the employee in the business
  • Rule-based – access is based on specific rules usually relating to a time frame

Why Choose Satori Risk as Your Commercial Access Control Installer

Installing a commercial access control system provides businesses with full control over the access employees and visitors have to the premises and with the right amount of flexibility required. Ensuring the right people have the right access to different departments within the company reduces the risk of theft, vandalism and ignored safety protocols.

We understand that each commercial property is unique in terms of its security requirements.

We work with leading access control providers to provide our clients with bespoke access control solutions to suit their specific needs and have many years’ experience to fall back on.

Get in touch with Us today for a cost-effective control solution for your commercial property.