Benefits of Video Intercom Systems for Businesses

Many businesses and office buildings rely on commercial access control systems and office intercom systems that are antiquated, obsolete, and not entirely fit for purpose.

More often than not, they are cumbersome and require additional manual intervention to operate efficiently. As a result, physical gaps in security start to appear, leaving the business at risk of unauthorised access.

Modern intercom systems effectively solve this problem, ensuring a safe and secure working environment for staff and visitors.

What is an Office Intercom System?

Most of the corporate world has come into contact with an office intercom system in their careers.

This is because the intercom system has been around since 1894.

However, many people still ask what is an intercommunication system? In basic terms, this is a device used to communicate with visitors to the building prior to gaining access.

The intercom system helps monitor and control visitors such as commuting employees, customers, maintenance staff, cleaners, and vendors. However, these systems can also enhance the building’s security by acting as a flexible access control system providing temporary access to the building using a PIN or QR code.

Components that Make Up an Intercom System for Business

An intercom system is composed of several components which incorporate both hardware and software.

Understanding each component and its function in the intercom system will help you assess your business requirements and select the best system suited to your business needs.

For example, a commercial intercom system is comprised of a visitor-facing interface, door controller, door locks, and software. Let’s look at each of these components in more detail below.

The Office Intercom Device

The office intercom device is also known as the system’s hardware. This is the part of the system that the visitor will interact with when requesting access to the building. This is usually positioned just outside the entrance to the building. Many office buildings still use older versions of the intercom system. These are generally metal structures with keypads and buttons that require manual interaction with visitors (button pushing) to gain access or communicate with those inside the building.

In contrast, modern versions of the intercom system have touch screen functionality and provide visitors with various options. For example, visitors can make a direct call to a department or specific person in the building or gain access by typing in an access PIN code. In addition, some systems allow visitors to use their mobile phones to gain access by scanning a QR code.

Door Controller

The door controller is the hardware that connects the doors of the building and allows for complete control over access permissions. This component enables different access permissions to be set depending on the visitor or bar access should the need arise.

Electronic Locking Systems/Devices

Electronic locking devices are an integral part of business intercom systems as they connect to the door controller to form an extra layer of security. For example, when a visitor is granted access to the building, the door controller activates the door unlock mode allowing the visitor to enter the premises.

Most modern intercom systems are compatible with various electronic door locking devices. This makes them extremely versatile and easy to pair with your current locking system, should you already have one installed.


The software used for an intercom system can vary dramatically depending on the business. For example, some systems will operate using manual hardware housed on-site, while others may operate using cloud-based technology.

Most modern intercom systems are wireless, operating via smart devices or mobile phones using an internet connection and mobile app. Furthermore, a wireless intercom eliminates the need to install wiring, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Why Your Business Needs an Intercom System

Safety and security are the primary reasons businesses incorporate a wireless intercom system into their security system. After all, protecting staff and business assets is key to a flourishing business. However, besides providing the necessary peace of mind in the workplace, door intercom systems are also beneficial to a business’s profitability.

They can enhance productivity, reduce running costs and decrease expenses. For example, should your business have a gate restricting access to the property, the installation of an intercom system would be more cost-effective than hiring a gatekeeper. In addition, commercial intercoms also eliminate the need for expensive keys, fobs, and visitor cards which can easily be lost, stolen, or replicated.

An intercom system also allows for instant communication with employees onsite; this is extremely beneficial should you need to contact staff urgently or sound an alarm in an emergency.

Additionally, access to restricted areas can be limited to specific individuals, and if linked to remote monitoring, intercom systems can be used to highlight security threats in real-time. Finally, these systems are further enhanced when linked to video or CCTV, allowing for face-to-face interaction with guests or employees on site.

Benefits of an Intercom System for Office Use

Using a high-quality intercom system in an office environment provides businesses with a multitude of benefits, some of which include:

  • Easy Check-In Process

Video intercom systems allow businesses to effectively manage and monitor guests and visitors to the building. Keeping track of employees, clients, and cleaning staff can help a business monitor who is in the building and if they have the necessary access permissions.

  • Programmable Access

Most modern video entry systems can be programmed with unique ID numbers, QR codes, or PINS. These can be generated for infrequent visitors to the building, allowing them access for a limited time. This eliminates the need to produce costly visitor badges or provide access cards or fobs that can easily be lost or stolen and replicated.

  • Monitor Access Points

Restricted areas can be monitored for unauthorised access, and those monitoring the system can take immediate action to prevent a breach in security.

  • Manage Deliveries

Package or mail theft can be detrimental to a business, especially if the parcels contain confidential or sensitive information relating to clients or internal business matters.

An intercom system for office use can be used to ensure delivery drivers have access to the building at all times to deliver parcels rather than leaving them at the front door.

How to Choose the Right Business Intercom System

Purchasing the right business intercom system for your premises requires a basic risk assessment. Once you have decided what your business requires in terms of front door access control, then it’s easy to determine what level of service you need from a high-quality intercom system. Below we have listed some primary pointers you should consider before investing in an intercom system.

  • Features

Top-quality intercoms come with a range of features from doorbells, video bells, audio intercoms, two-way or one-way video intercoms, and smart device calls. First, assess what type of functionality you require from an intercom system, as this will enable you to customise it to suit your business needs.

For example, an intercom system that can remotely release or unlock doors is very beneficial to large business premises. This is because it doesn’t require someone to physically admit the visitor into the building.

  • Administrators

How many administrators does the business require? Most video intercom systems can easily support multiple administrators and allow you to update their permissions easily.

  • Remote Access

Would your business benefit from remote access? Typically intercom calls are received on-site via an intercom station. This is usually a wall-mounted device situated within the building.

However, modern systems provide administrators with the ability to receive calls via their smartphone, mobile device, or web browser. Once the visitor’s identity has been verified, the administrator can activate the remote door lock function without being physically present on site.

  • Cost

The first question business owners ask is how much is an intercom system?

This is because they often have budget constraints to consider. When purchasing an intercom system for business, the product purchased is usually based on cost.

However, while expense is a significant part of the decision process, expensive price tags or cheaper variations aren’t always the best option.
Some intercom systems have upfront installation fees to cover the cost of hardware, while others allow business owners to lease the hardware for a certain number of years.

Check which option would most benefit your business’s budget before making your final purchasing decision.

Integrated Security Solutions

Integrating security solutions with the business intercom system is an excellent step forward for multiple and mixed-use business properties.

When combined, they create a single platform for managing access to your premises which is much more secure than operating two separate control units. This is beneficial to small businesses and large corporations looking to secure their corporate or commercial buildings.

Managing your business’s door entry system with this combined approach also ensures data privacy is enhanced as it is managed by one system and provides security teams and administrators with a clear line of investigation and reporting in the event of suspicious activity or protocol breaches.

Furthermore, a single system reduces the cost of running multiple systems that may require manual intervention to collate data.

Why Choose Satori Risk as Your Business Intercom System Provider and Installer

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