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Increase security across your business sites and manage authorisations with a straightforward access control system.

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Ensure the Security of Your Buildings and Property with Convenient and Cost-Effective Access Control

Simplify the way you grant and restrict access to your business premises with an access control system tailored to your security needs and entry points. Whether you require a single-site solution or need to control access to multiple sites across the UK, we can deliver systems adapted to your requirements.

We make sure access control is both convenient and cost-effective by working with many different providers to offer a variety of solutions. Our partners include leading access control providers.

Being able to work with numerous systems and technology providers means we can ensure your system offers the control options you need. You’ll be able to dictate how you:

  • Control the Way Personnel and Visitors Access Areas — You’ll have the option to grant access with codes, cards or visit passes.
  • Create Individual Permissions and Defined User Groups — Manage which individuals or groups of people can access certain areas.
  • Limit and Grant Access with Time Schedules — You can ensure authorised personnel only access certain areas within their working day or limit visitor access to a certain time frame.
  • Receive Reports for Administration and Research — You can request detailed reports about which staff members and visitors have accessed different areas and at what times. These reports can support security or compliance investigations.
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    commercial access control access card and key panel

    Full Integration with All Entry Types and Security Software

    No matter which type of entry you need to control access to we can provide the technology you need. We offer systems that are compatible with all entry types — external gates, vehicle entry barriers, revolving doors and more. 

    With our help, you can control access to entire sites, specific buildings or certain rooms. You’ll have the technical systems needed to protect assets and information, defend against attacks and ensure compliance with risk management legislation.  Whether a system take over or new installation, our team are well equipped to make sure you get the right service

    Even when managing multiple locations, we simplify the way you manage your facilities and people. You’ll be able to control access at different sites from a single platform. And if your business grows, our access control systems can grow with you.

    Our systems can also be fully integrated into other security software for complete monitoring. For a robust and comprehensive security system, consider pairing access control systems with perimeter detection and IPTV CCTV.

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