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Keep your facilities, people and assets safe. Trust Satori Risk to deliver advanced physical security systems adapted to your needs.

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    Protect What Matters with Our Physical Security Systems

    Be prepared for all manner of security risks and breaches with physical security systems adapted to your specific needs and site requirements. Whether you need to implement high-resolution surveillance, control who can access certain areas or install an intruder alarm system, we can help you improve the security of your business premises.

    We’re not tied to a particular manufacturer or focused on a singular security solution — we’re able to supply a huge range of different security systems depending on your unique needs. While other security system suppliers may endeavour to “force fit” a particular product, we’re free to use the correct product for the correct application.


    IPTV, or IP CCTV, is the future of surveillance. With a superior picture quality, identifying intruders or security risks becomes a much more efficient and accurate process.

    Thermal Imaging

    Identify persons or vehicles in any light with state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology.  Even in pitch-black, thermal imaging systems enable long-range, high-resolution surveillance.

    Access Control

    Whether you need to control access to single rooms or implement integrated systems capable of managing sites nationwide, we can adapt access control solutions to suit your needs.

    Intruder Alarms

    security keypad

    Detect intruders and ensure that your security teams are alerted instantly and can respond rapidly in case of trespassers. Increase your security and gain peace of mind that you can facilitate a response without delay.

    Perimeter Intruder Detection

    Monitor your site’s perimeter and in the event of an attack, get an advanced warning and respond quickly. Perimeter intruder detection enables early detection when intruders cross your site boundaries, so that you can take command of the situation rapidly.


    Monitor your site’s perimeter in case of attack

    Security System and CCTV Access Control Maintenance
    Prolong the life of your integrated security systems and gain peace of mind that problems will be solved quickly — the next working day or sooner.

    Security Consulting Services: Diagnose Security Vulnerabilities, Identify Solutions and Implement Effective Systems

    Our team of security specialists have a breadth of experience and knowledge in the electronic and physical security system industry. With our security consulting services, our expertise can become your business asset.

    Our consultants work with you to create and implement a robust plan for your organisation’s security and resiliency. 

    There are three key stages to our consultancy services:

    1. We’ll assist with your physical, electronic and integrated security needs
    2. We’ll make sure that it links to your ESRM (Enterprise Security Risk Management) programme, and we can help you build that too
    3. We’ll make sure your security systems and ESRM programme align with your wider organisational strategy
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    Financing your Security System, Upgrade and Maintenance has never been easier.

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